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Tikona Digital Networks was founded in 2008 by veterans from the telecom industry, who have built some of the largest telecom networks in India. With a vision to be a leading Broadband and IT services company, offering innovative products and solutions to home, enterprise and service provider customers in India, Tikona Digital Networks believes that the next generation services will change the way India lives, transacts, and communicates. TDN is adequately funded by top end global investors and is committed to comply with the highest standards of corporate governance.
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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tikona WiFi Review- It’s Undoubtedly One of the Best

I have been on a Tikona broadband connection since the 1 year and I just thought of writing a Tikona Wifi review . I have come across a lot of articles on the net, which talk about Tikona being an awful service provider. But, I must tell you that there are always two sides to a coin. Firstly I wanted to say that…

# Tikona is Good
Ok I agree, Tikona does have some frequent lags in network connection, but then, which service provider doesn’t? And that is why I decided to start of my Tikona wifi review by addressing this so called issue that some people have with their Tikona broadband connection. I am also a Tikona subscriber, and even I do experience some frequent downtimes. But, the same thing used to happen with my previous service provider as well. And i think it’s absolutely normal, it happens.

# The Customer Care is Not That Bad
The second thing I want to cover on this tikona wifi review is the customer service. Well, there were times when I did have issues with the customer service not picking up calls. But it has only happened once-in-a-blue-moon. I was so amazed to see so many people with issues with the customer care.
But, my experience has been completely different. In the last one year, all my queries were resolved on time, plus the customer care executives were really polite and helpful.

# The Bill Cap Feature is simply Great
I don’t know of any other service provider who provides a bill cap facility, and I had to mention this on my tikona wifi review. It is an awesome feature and has greatly helped me cut down on my browsing charges in the last one year. Tikona is not really that bad as some people are making it look like.
I am a happy Tikona broadband subscriber, and I would strongly recommend Tikona Wi-Fi to anyone looking for a broadband. Afterall, you cannot judge anything without experiencing it first-hand.

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Friday, 4 May 2012

Tikona Broadband- Experience the Difference

Tikona broadband is one of the fastest growing Class- A ISP providers in India. Tikona Broadband has one of the best infrastructures, when it comes to provide quality broadband service to enterprises and individuals alike.
Let’s explore a few key points that make Tikona broadband stand out from the other ISP’s in the country…

# An “Always On” and stable connection

If you have been experiencing connectivity issues with your current internet broadband provider, then you must try Tikona broadband’s incredible connection. The Service provider is one of the best when it comes to stability and uptime.  Currently Tikona broadband 
connection is being used by thousands of individuals and enterprises in the country.

# Blazing Fast Downloads

Tikona broadband is currently one of the fastest in India and provides upto 4 mbps of speeds. If you are someone who frequently downloads heavy files from the internet or love to stream music and video online, then you really need to try their connection, as the connection can help you download heavy files in a zippy and stream online music and videos without buffering.

# Comprehensive Antivirus Solution With Every Connection

The connection comes with a comprehensive antivirus solution to protect the sensitive information on your system from fishing or spoofing. Though, there are internet service providers who do provide antivirus solutions, Tikona is the only service provider in the country, who provide an antivirus as a standard add-on with every connection.

# Only Provider with a Bill Cap

Tikona is the only service provider with a bill cap facility. Now, you can explore the full power of the internet without having to worry about exorbitant bills at the end of the month. You can set how much you want to pay at the end of the month and let the ISP take care of the rest.
Tikona is quickly establishing itself as a firm player in the broadband connection domain in India, and they have been instrumental in providing quality broadband connection which is affordable and reliable. So, you have been looking for a connection that you can trust, then Tikona is the ISP you should go for.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tikona- Your Window To The World

One of the leading players in the market “Tikona Digital networks” are world class providers of wireless broadband services in the country. Providing seamless coverage across geographies, it is the only network of its kind that offers quality and stability to its customers at a price that is unmatched in the market.

Unlike other service providers, TDN strives for customer retention by bringing world class technology at their doorsteps without the need of wires and cables. Since TDN relies on wireless broadband technology, it means that the company has a wider reach when it comes to its services and with TDN still expanding its coverage even more, the company expects to tap deeper into the digital market and provide more people with easy accessibility to the internet.

When most countries of the world have reached a level where their citizens enjoy complete accessibility and flow of information, a country as big as India, in spite of being an IT superpower still lags behind, since majority of the population is still not connected.

TDN strives to end this deadlock by envisioning an India which is at par with countries such as South Korea and Japan, both of which have the most number of broadband connections in the world.  In India, a large number of health institutions, schools and other government and non-government organizations are still not connected and therefore, it is a big hindrance in the growth and development of the country.

The only way to insure that the country keeps progressing at a steady pace is to make sure that the free flow of information is not interrupted and people can communicate without boundaries. The dream of a connected India has only started unfolding and though there’s still a long way to go, TDN’s dream is slowly coming alive…

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Simple Tips for Online Collaboration And A Connected Work Team

It can be quite intimidating to manage a geographically dispersed work team, while keeping the lines of communication open and maintaining a seamless flow of information across every level of the organization. Differences in time zones can cause delays in communication, while different communication styles can lead to misunderstandings and make it difficult to schedule activities.
Companies still heavily rely on phone calls, emails and on-site meetings to manage team collaboration and complete projects. While these techniques do work, they are expensive. With current generation technology we can keep the costs low while maintaining on-time completion of tasks and make long-distance collaboration much simpler.
These simple tips for using online collaboration tools can help build a team which is connected and informed:

Maintaining Accuracy
While working on projects, it is very important that your team members don’t waste their time on projects that are redundant or the ones that have already been completed just because they didn’t have the latest version of documents such as work orders, technical documentation or project reports.
Tools like SharePoint can enable your team members to stay updated regardless whether they have the latest version of documentations or not, as the files are stored centrally on SharePoint, it means that every member can access and update the documents and track the changes and be aware of the latest documentations.

Conduct effective meetings online
You can help your team members by enabling them to share live presentations and engage them in discussions related to the project on hand by using tools such as the Microsoft Live Meeting and ensure that every team member is focused on the project and that they are not skipping ahead of the rest.

360 degree project management
Microsoft Project Management can help to keep an eye on the progress of even the most complex projects, thus ensuring that you and your team remain up to date. Tools such as the Dynamics CRM Online can help everyone on your team to view project status and customer requirements, assuring that your team stays informed and productive.

Though emails still remain the preferred mode of communication among businesses worldwide, they can be easily overlooked and team members may be left wondering as to why they never received any further communication.
Today however, project teams have a whole lot of tools for effective management and online collaboration when it comes to delivering quality projects on time. So everyone, including major corporations to small businesses is utilizing the power of these tools for an effective and efficient team, and it’s time you gave your business an edge too. 

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Broadband- The Future Of Communication And Entertainment

Broadband has changed the way people meet and greet each other and also the way they communicate. It was not long ago when people were using slow dial up connections and trying to download files that would take ages and websites that just won’t open… That is until broadband jumped into the scenario.
With time, as more and more people switch over to broadband connections, the future of communication and entertainment is destined to be changed completely and it will open up different avenues for each and every one of us.
Today there are so many products and services that rely so heavily on broadband technology that slowly it seems the entire focus is going to be to target and exploit this technology to its full potential.
·         Smart TV’s
“Your TV is not just a TV anymore” that’s because current generation smart TV’s know how to make full use of your broadband connection. They come loaded with YouTube, Skype, Picasa, money control and even Facebook access, the very same sites that you probably visit on a regular basis and are very familiar with.     

·         Smartphones
Current generation mobile phones are built to exploit the full power of the internet by utilizing your broadband connection. You can surf the internet, watch videos and update your status on social networking sites in a flash.

·         Voice Over IP (VOIP)
There was a time when you had to endure hefty telephone bills just because of the frequent telephone calls abroad. But if you have a broadband connection, you can use a cheaper alternative called Voice Over IP (VOIP), it works by using your existing broadband connection to make calls to any mobile, landline or computer in the world, and With so many options available such as Skype, Fring, Truphone etc. you never have to endure hefty telephone bills again.

·         Online television channels and radio stations
Nowadays there are television channels and radio stations which are exclusively developed for the internet, but these can only be enjoyed if you have a stable and fast broadband connection, without which you would simply be unable to stream these channels and stations.
With broadband slowly beginning to emerge as a winner over other forms of internet connections, it should be a good decision to get rid of your old dial up connection and upgrade to the faster and much more stable broadband connection.
Slowly as more and more products and services begin to realize the power of broadband technology and more people upgrade to broadband, communication and entertainment will definitely never be the same again.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Wi-Fi A Hassle Free Alternative To Wired Internet Solutions

When the internet was invented way back in 1989, no one must have guessed that it would literally change the way we communicate and seek information.
Today in a world where information is critical for each one of us and people are always on the move, it has become even more necessary to stay connected and updated in this ever changing world.
There was a time when we had to remain confined to our desks, in order to access the internet but with the introduction of Wi-Fi, we were finally free and the possibilities are endless.
Tikona digital services have been pioneers in providing quality Wi-Fi services that guarantees that you receive high quality services  along with unparalleled customer support the first time and every time… Backed by experts in the field of telecommunications Tikona digital services, makes sure that you get:
ü  More value for your money
ü  Better protection compared to other service providers
ü  Hassle free installation
ü  Unparalleled connectivity
ü  Prepaid plans with lifetime account validity
ü  Complete home solution guarantying peace of mind.
ü  The only solution where you get a demo first… Pay later.

With information flowing all around us, all the time, getting left out might sound a bit daunting to a lot of people who want to get the information as soon as it arrives. Be it an important email that you have been expecting from a client, catching up on the latest news as it breaks or updating your status on the social media.

Why Wi-Fi?
It’s wireless
Since Wi-Fi relies on radio signals to transmit data, it means that now you can access data at a steady flow whether you are at your desk or in the living room. Since there are no wires involved, the installation is hassle free as compared to traditional wired broadband which requires more time and money.
All-round connectivity
Wireless broadband gives you the freedom to connect all your devices which are Wi-Fi enabled to stream and synch data amongst them, such as your Smart TV, laptop and smartphone. This is not possible with wired broadband solutions.  
It’s blazing fast

Current generation Wi-Fi is much faster compared to DSL and other cable connections and hundreds of times faster, than the old dial-up connections. Making webpages and other internet services load faster, thus making you more productive.

It’s secure
Current generation Wi-Fi is more secure thanks to WEP2 and 802.1 x security features guarantying a complete peace of mind and leaving you free to think and do more.

If you’re thinking of getting a new internet connection or planning to buy it for the very first time, a wireless internet solution would be the best choice, since most of the devices today are Wi-Fi optimized and you will be able to utilize them to their full potential. Internet is growing at a rapid pace and with people becoming much more tech savvy… Opting in for a DSL or a cable connection will be able to deliver only half the power of the internet at your fingertips.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Grid- The next stage in cyber evolution

Every day we log on to the internet…. Check emails, chat with our friends and shop.
What If the internet becomes obsolete someday? What if you came to know one fine day that the internet doesn’t exist anymore? Will you be able to live without it? Well don’t fret folks, sooner or later a day will come when the internet will eventually have to die and give way to the next stage in cyber evolution.

Welcome to Grid Computing also known as the “The grid”, the technology that will eventually replace the internet, changing the way we interact with people and download information from the World Wide Web. Does the word “CERN” sound familiar to you? I am sure you have been hearing about it a lot in the news lately, mainly due to the particle experiments taking place over there.
CERN was the birthplace of the internet where Sir Tim Berners Lee invented it. Now they have come with a technology so powerful, that it can replace the internet altogether.

Imagine being able to download a full movie in less than 2 seconds, streaming simultaneous high definition movies at the same time. Sounds too good to be true? Well guess what, it will be here sooner than you can imagine.

What is “The Grid”?
When scientists at CERN started experimenting with the Large Hadron Collider in search of the God Particle, they realized that doing so would generate enough data that would create a stack of cds 40 miles high. That meant that the internet could not be used to capture that data as the equipment (wires and cables) used to run the internet was originally meant to route telephone calls and lacked the power of transmitting high speed data and could cause a global collapse.

As a result “The Grid” was born by leveraging the use of modern equipment and fiber optics that could transmit data without slowing down the network. It would enable people to take cloud computing to another level, where all our information can be stored online and accessed from anywhere on the globe.

Scientists and technologists are optimistic that the grid holds the future of information sharing as it will help us to become a true information and communication enabled world. Scientists have already realized its potential and have used it, to help design new drugs against malaria. Researchers used the grid to analyze 140m compounds - a task that would have taken a standard internet-linked PC 420 years.

As the hunger to acquire information fast and with people becoming much greedier when it comes to uploading and downloading data, Grid Computing is definitely the need of the hour. But don’t throw away your routers just yet… Since there’s still time for this technology to go global, till then just sit back and enjoy the transition… From being connected to becoming one with the world.